South Dakota (2011)

Photos from the Black Hills area; from De Smet (the girlhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder); and from Sioux Falls.

resized_2011-09-03 15.58.53 (3)

Buffalo near Wind Cave National Park.


resized_2011-09-04 15.36.43 (2)

Mt. Rushmore.


resized_2011-09-03 13.59.48 (3)

Jewel Cave National Park.


resized_2011-09-12 13.08.15 (2)

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s girlhood family farm, just outside De Smet.


resized_2011-09-12 15.29.32 (3)

A log cabin similar to the one that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in when she was a little girl.


resized_2011-10-28 15.25.15 (3)

The waterfall area in downtown Sioux Falls.


resized_2011-09-07 13.17.40 (2)

Site of the Wounded Knee massacre.


resized_2011-09-10 16.55.54 (2)

Wall Drugs in Wall, SD.